The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness



'Passionate and courageous, insightful and humane, funny and moving, this is a wonderful book.'

David Nicholls, author of One Day


'A fascinating book, a hilarious book and a horrifying one...A book which blew me away and shook me to the core.'

Jonathan Coe

'Caveney writes with such robust, defiant attack that he never leaves the reader feeling like a prurient spy. His anger is blistering, any comedy not so much black as bile green. [He] tells the story of his life brilliantly.' 

Sunday Times

'Caveney's voice on the page is humane, big-hearted and without self pity...His book demands to be read.'


'Extraordinary...brilliantly detailed, vivid and frequently very funny...A remarkable feat.'

Editor's Choice, The Bookseller